What Is FastGem?

FastGem is a uniquely customizable CRM system designed specifically for third party utility providers (Satellite, TV, Internet, Home Security) and solar energy installation companies.

The Problem

Both third party home service providers and solar installation companies have the cumbersome task of exposing up-to-date information to their reps concerning their customers. Lead processing, technician installs, inventory management, and commission-based payroll can be especially difficult to manage.

FastGem Solves This!

Streamline virtually every aspect of your business with FastGem's customizable features.


Customizable Permissions

All of your employees are given access to only information they need to see, and no more. With layered permissions options and the ability to restrict by area as well as by provider, there is virtually no limit to the clearance levels you can curate and assign.

Cross-Portal Fraud Prevention

With FastGem's unique web Plugin, we are able to monitor all sensitive data (SSN, Credit Card, Phone Numbers, etc.) that your reps use across ALL of your portals (Spectrum, AT&T, Frontier, CenturyLink, etc.) and alert you instantly if any data point is reused more than once! Talk about peace of mind.

Automated Quality Control

FastGem can automatically text customers, reps, and/or techs based on status changes, or before & after installation to confirm quality. Work order status automatically changes based on the customer's response to auto-texts. Additionally, internal reps have quality control queues that are generated based on milestones or customer replies.

Customer Workflow

FastGem is built on the premise of data management. All submitted/generated customer data is placed within a main portal, where data can be filtered/sorted/searched and exported, all with simple drop-down selectors.

Faster Processing

FastGem's unique overlay system integrates with multiple platforms and allows for 5x faster order processing, removing the need for your employees to copy and paste customers' information or to switch back and forth between tabs.

Technician Scheduling/Calendar

Lead technicians and Internal Users can easily assign jobs to individual technicians. Each individual tech has access to their personalized calendar, with links to all pertinent information.

Instant Payroll

Payroll publishing is always up-to-date for easy access by the users it pertains to, and you control when accounts are marked as cleared for payment. FastGem also supports multi-downline overrides, volume-based pay tiers, and referral fees, all with the click of a button. Comps can be calculated automatically or be specified to an individual.


FastGem supports referrals with a custom form automatically linked to the referrer who accesses/submits it. Referrer fees are automatically calculated along with the rest of the commissions/comps for each order. As always, referrers can only see their own leads/customers/payroll.

Customizable Forms

FastGem offers FULLY customizable forms of all types. Create an order form that links each order to the correct rep, or build Customer Verification forms specific to each provider. If your company uses installation agreements/verifications, your signed PDFs will be immediately available to view. The customer can sign forms with their finger and receive a PDF copy for their records, as well!

Invoices & Payments

Create, e-mail, and automatically record invoices and payments in half the time with our latest Feature! Create subscriptions to charge customers automatically on certain dates, and send PDF invoice records and payment links to customers directly from FastGem. Customize templates that include all necessary details on billing and payments for the best record keeping possible!

Inventory Tracking

FastGem offers full inventory tracking and management. Record purchase orders, organize equipment, and track and consign all of your inventory from within FastGem. You can assign inventory to a customer instantly, and even generate invoices based on required equipment.

Auto-Chargebacks on Consigned Inventory

FastGem allows you to chargeback technicians for inventory for any reason, and also allows you to set up auto-chargebacks to technicians for consigned inventory that has not been utilized for a pre-specified number of days. 


Never ask if what you're getting paid is accurate again. FastGem records what you are expected to be paid, and what you're actually paid, for each sale, and determines reconciliation automatically.


FastGem allows you to review your company data in easily-accessible reports that consolidate data on everything from rep standings, to sales trends, to installations, and more. In addition, every action taken within FastGem's software is logged for future reference.

Fully Synchronzied

FastGem AUTOMATICALLY pulls all data (new and updated) from source systems. Once data is inside FastGem, you can access automatic texting, sync to external systems, and more.

Privacy Guaranteed

With FastGem, you never have to worry about the risk of your data being shared with ANY outside parties. We go the extra mile to make sure that your information is protected, and we will NEVER sign contracts with other providers that jeopardize this guarantee to our customers. Can you say that about your current CRM?

Flawless Communication

FastGem offers inbox/composing features, as well as article-building capabilities for announcements/training across your instance. FastGem's messaging features also allow users to communicate directly with customers from within the software. Techs, reps, and processors can text each other from within FastGem's customer records as well, to keep everyone in the loop!

Time Cards

FastGem offers Clock In/Clock Out options for hourly employees, as well as timecard management and reporting capabilities, to keep easy track of employee time worked. Sign in/out options and project reporting are customizable.

RingCentral Integration

Make and receive calls from within FastGem thanks to our integration with RingCentral. Calls are logged in the applicable customer's action logs.

FastGem's design is great on desktops...
...brilliant on tablets...
and perfect for mobile!


FastGem Offers full REST API for integration support. Every aspect of the system is designed to allow data sharing/updating in near realtime.

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Decrease in Processing Time
Reduction In Overhead

Simply Put

You will save time & money when using this software or there is NO charge.

Schedule a demo and get a glimpse of just how much you can save when switching to FastGem CRM!


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  • Tiered Pricing ($250/month minimum)
  • $29 or $39 Per active user/mo
  • Fewer than 20 users: $39 per active user per month
    20+ Users: discounted price of $29 per active user per month
    $2 per successfully completed work order
  • Included:
  • *COMPLETE System Access
  • Fully Customized Setup
  • Excellent Customer Support
  • Unlimited Access to Help Articles and Web Training Videos
  • Automated Payroll & Quality Control
  • Tech Scheduling & Inventory Management
  • Digital Signatures From Customer
  • Note: Additional text message fees apply: $0.02 Per Text Message


Ask about FastGem to FastGem integration to maintain each company's privacy while still keeping track of individual payroll and sales!

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